Der Steinway-Magier - Angelo Fabbrini

Christopher Greenleaf  - The Boston Musical Intelligencer - April 2010

Christopher Greenleaf erklärt die unglaublichen technischen Fähigkeiten von Angelo Fabbrini und warum die Steinway-Flügel aus Pescara einfach viel besser klingen als die Standardversion aus Hamburg.

Angelo Fabbrini

Thoughts on Hearing Maurizio Pollini’s Hamburg Steinway-Fabbrini in Concert

Maurizio Pollini’s Steinway concert grand reworked by Angelo Fabbrini exhibits exceptionally ravishing tonal and technical characteristics. The fact that this is a piano well outside our modern norm begs a number of questions, among which is, “Why don’t we regularly hear instruments of this subtlety and beauty?”

But first, what goes into the production of a Steinway-Fabbrini concert grand? Italian piano technician and entrepreneur Angelo Fabbrini, from Pescara, Abruzzo, purchases new Steinways from that firm’s celebrated Hamburg atelier and subjects them to minute technical fine-tuning, replaces or substantially rebuilds numerous crucial action components, and reworks the interaction between strings, bridges, and soundboard. The sound of the rebuilt instruments reminds one of the finest surviving pre-1912 Blüthner concert grands and of 19th-century concert instruments by Mason & Hamlin, the 19th-century Boston firm whose pianos were, by a comfortable margin, the highest-priced in this country......

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